Melo Pearls from Southern Vietnam, Summer 2005

Pala International has procured some high quality melo pearls from southern Vietnam. The following photographs were taken there by Pala International’s supplier.

Large Melo Pearl photo image
A large-sized oval melo pearl, weighing 55 carats. It displays the characteristic flame-like coloring known as chatoyancy, produced by a particular alignment of its constituent aragonite crystals.
Closeup Of Large Melo Pearl photo image


Marine Snail photo image
Escargot étrange: The marine snail, or Bailer Shell, produces the melo pearl in response to irritation, but without nacre. The animal is used for food and the shells are sold for a variety of uses. Boiling ruins the pearls, but since their prices are well known to most fishermen, the animal is searched carefully.
Marine Snail Being Handled photo image


Melo Pearl Being Measured photo image
This slightly oval-shaped melo pearl, of exquisite luster, measures about 8.25 x 6.5 mm.
Closeup Of Melo Pearl photo image


Seven Melo Pearls On Scale photo image
This lot of seven melo pearls was sold to Pala International. The star of the group, enlarged below, has superb color and luster. Its weight: 72.5 carats.
Melo Pearl On Scale photo image


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