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Gem Cutter Romances the Stone – Meet Meg Berry, Pala’s master cutter
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Gem Spectrum
The Gem Spectrum – Back issues of Pala’s fabulous newsletter

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Mining & Minerals Burma, The Mineral Utopia – A reprint from Lapidary Journal, August–December 1957, by Martin L. Ehrmann
California Gem Mining – Chronicle of a comeback
Ceylon’s Gem Mines – Ceylon’s storied gem mines are detailed in this segment from Dr. Peter Bancroft’s Gem & Crystal Treasures
Emerald Deposits of Muzo, Colombia – Scholarly examination of these famous emerald mines. By Joseph E. Pogue. Illustrated. Reprinted from Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, 1917
Featured Mineral Specimens – Featured specimens from Pala’s bi-monthly Mineral News e-bulletin—in one place – on
First Voyage to Tanzania – Tanzanite – A Stone of Beauty – A video visit to the mines by Pala’s Will Larson, shot in conjunction with the 2012 Arusha show
Fire-hearted Pebbles from Burma – A wonderful look at mining rubies in Mogok, ca. 1930, by C.M. Enriquez. Complete with period photos
Kunzite the Precious – A reprint from Sunset magazine, by William R. Gross, October 1905
Letter from Pakistan – True adventure from Pala International’s daring suppliers
Mineral Specimens – View Pala’s world-class minerals at
Mining at Pala – A history of Pala International’s various gem mining projects around the world
On Kunz and Kunzite – An excellent historical look at the discovery and naming of kunzite. By Lawrence Conklin
Pakistan’s Gemstones: An Overview – The past, present, and future of the challenges that face Pakistan in its development of a gemstone industry
Pala District Pegmatite Opens Wide – New discoveries at the 49er pocket; also see Part 2
Pegmatites of Laghman, Nuristan, Afghanistan – By Pierre Bariand and J.F. Poullen
The Queen Reigns Again – True adventure story of Pala International mining the Tourmaline Queen mine during the early 1970s
Reds Turn to Green: Russia’s Stunning Demantoid Discovery – Russia’s new demantoid strike are detailed in this report from Bill Larson
Ruby & Sapphire Deposits of Moung Klung, Siam – 1894 account of mining ruby and sapphire in Thailand, by Henry Louis
The Ruby Mines of Mogok – A mid-20th century manuscript by Martin Ehrmann, and Ruby Mines of Mogok – Slide Show, from Ehrmann’s personal collection
Spodumene from San Diego Co., California – A reprint by Waldemar T. Schaller published by the Univ. of California in the Bulletin of the Department of Geology, 1903
Tanzanite from Tanzania – Tanzania’s tanzanite mines are detailed in this segment from Dr. Peter Bancroft’s Gem & Crystal Treasures
Tsavorite from Kenya – Kenya’s tsavorite garnet mines are detailed in this segment from Dr. Peter Bancroft’s Gem & Crystal Treasures
Uncle Sam’s Oversight – A reprint from Technical World Magazine regarding Baja California, by Edna Rowell Schley
Where Nature Stores Her Jewels – A reprint from Sunset magazine regarding San Diego, CA, by Edna Rowell Schley, October 1905
Miscellaneous Contact/Visit Us – How to get in touch with Pala
Links – Links to other sites of interest regarding gems, minerals and jewelry
Merci – Thanks to all the people who have supported us over the years
Gem Shows Show & Lecture Schedule – A list of gem and mineral shows at which Pala exhibits each year.
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