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For over forty years, Pala International Inc. has consistently earned its reputation as the direct source for the finest colored stones.

Numerous annual trips to the world’s major gem-producing centers enable Pala International’s staff to select from an impressive inventory.

In addition to tapping the world’s resources for fine colored stones, Pala has long been involved with mining tourmaline in San Diego county.

Pala International’s slogan is “The only way to sell quality is to buy it.” That, and the fine customer service we offer, make Pala International your number one source for colored stones.


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In 1968, Bill Larson, a connoisseur of fine gems and minerals, formed Pala Properties International (PPI; now called Pala International) and purchased three San Diego County gem mines: the Stewart Lithia, Tourmaline Queen, and Pala Chief. Pala - Bringing the world of gems to your doorLocated in the foothills of northern San Diego county, these mines are part of a local mining history dating back to the 1800s, when tourmaline accounted for the largest percentage of gemstones mined here. American, European, and Asian gem houses were actively involved, including Tiffany’s, which had part-time buyers in the Pala and Mesa Grande mining districts. Even the Chinese were fond of tourmaline, using the gem in oriental carvings and on mandarin clothing. Gemstone production during the early 1900s was recorded in county records as exceeding two million dollars.

With the emergence of PPI in the late 1960s, organized mining was on the upswing. Although Bill Larson’s Stewart Lithia Mine produced small pockets of tourmaline, it was not until 1972 that a strike at the Tourmaline Queen produced tourmaline crystals in what was called “the find of the century in terms of color and perfection.” An exceptional piece from that strike called the “Candelabra” is now on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.


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Palaminerals.com is the home to one of the country’s finest selections of outstanding mineral specimens. We have literally thousands of pieces in our inventory and every year make several overseas trips to bring back more.


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The Collector, an unusual retail shop showcasing Pala International’s gems, minerals, and objets d’art, opened in Fallbrook in 1971. It sparkles with exquisite custom and handcrafted jewelry featuring a variety of gems mined on three continents. Now internationally known, collectors and gem dealers from Africa, South America, the US, Mexico, and Europe visit both shops several times annually.


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Pala International has been in the international gemstone business since 1969 and thus assures your satisfaction. Each gemstone is guaranteed to be exactly as described.

Our gemstones and mineral specimens are among the finest in the world. We have sold pieces to some of America’s most famous jewelers. Below are just a few of our more well-known clients:

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